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Texas More Hours School (TXMHS) is a division of Fact Homes, Inc. TXMHS is a Texas approved continuing education provider and all of our available courses have been approved by a Texas state agency, depending on occupation.

An individual is required to know how to access a website and once the site is accessed the individual can easily follow the simple instructions to register, pay online or pay with a check, and take our course in one sitting or as many sittings as desired.

Licensees may complete any of our online courses at work or at home. All you need is a computer and know how to enter information in English and be able to read data. Our online course is designed such that you can logon 24/7 so long as you remember your username and password after accessing our website. Licensees may logon and logoff at will and our equipment will record your stopping point (your clock stops) and will allow you to start where you left off until you complete the total number of credit hours. No credit hours will be given until you complete the entire course that was approved by the state agency that regulates licensees. TXMHS will notify the Texas state agency of your course completion.

Each course is timed to insure an individual is exposed to the educational material required as mandated by the state agency. There is no test to pass for any TXMHS Continuing Education course.

Upon completion of any course the licensee may print his own certificate of completion or diploma.

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